Pedaling towards independence with Pedalheads! {Review}

Pedalheads Camp

A & B with Laurie & Laura from Pedalheads

I swear teaching our children things that we always saw as relatively easy for ourselves is a challenge! I thought teaching Alivia to swim would be a breeze (it wasn’t, and isnt!) and the same goes for riding a bike. For the past year or so she’s motored around on a balance bike and a “big girl” bike with training wheels and all was well… until you told her that one day those extra set of wheels were going to come off – then all hell would break loose!

Parenting a strong willed kid is a challenge on the best of days, on a day that she is scared to try something new? Let me tell you…

We had a bit of a bad experience with having someone else try to teach Alivia to swim, after a teacher walking away from her and her going under the water to a second teacher scolding her because of her fear.. we had ample reason to worry that having someone teach her to ride her bike might not go so well, but we decided to try it out anyways. We have heard nothing but amazing things about the Pedalheads program! They believe everyone should be able to ride with confidence, and use supportive hands-on teaching methods that encourage safety and comfort on their bikes. We knew A would respond best to positive encouragement and less focus on what she wasn’t great at yet, so this sounded perfect to us!  Continue reading →

The BFG; warming our bean hearts {Review}

The BFG Movie Poster

It’s always so fun for me to introduce Alivia to things I loved as a child, and we had the pleasure of seeing one of my favourite short stories from when I was little re-imagined on the big screen!

The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) is an adapted short story written by one of my favourite childhood authors – Roald Dahl, his stories have long been favourites across generations and now you can enjoy this charming, family friendly tale on the big screen. With lessons on love, friendship and acceptance – it’s truly easy to fall in love with BFG and be sucked into their giant world.  Continue reading →

Singing and Roaring with Vtech Toys {Review}


Vtech toys are always a huge hit in our home. Their products always grab the attention of my girls, and they hold up to the durability testing of a preschooler and 8 month old. Recently we were introduced to the Crinkle & Roar Lion, and the Zoo Jamz Microphone. Both were popular as soon as they were removed from their packaging. Continue reading →

Snap a #Selfie with Call2Recycle to win! #SummerSmileContest

Call2Recycle Summer Smile Contest

Finally, for the first day in July the West Coast is actually starting to feel like summer! This dreary weather hasn’t slowed us down though and we’re already planning our second camping trip of the summer and gearing up for more day trips, road trips and exciting summer fun! We had our very first family camping trip a few weeks ago and phew, let me tell you…. if you think kids have a lot of stuff, try taking them camping! We packed an SUV full of everything we “thought” we would need and goodness, there was hardly any room for me in the car.

The truth is though, whether you are taking family camping or just going on a trip with someone special, you do need a few key things for an enjoyable camping trip, and – believe it or not – most, if not ALL of these items require batteries! Continue reading →

Groupon Coupons; saving more than ever before

Groupon Coupon Money Saving

{Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, opinions and penny-pinching passion is my own.}

I love to save money. Sales, clearance tags, and coupons in any combination excite me and enable me to save money on a wide variety of daily items. It’s amazing how those small savings can add up quickly in your monthly budget, every penny adds up after all! Websites like Groupon allow me to save money on everything from experiences to dining, even oil changes making date nights and family outings inexpensive without being cheap. So, imagine my delight upon discovering Groupon Coupons! I’m talking thousands of coupons for thousands of stores, all on one handy site; be still my penny-pinching heart. Continue reading →