2016 Holiday Gift Guide now open for submissions!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you a brand, PR representative, retailer or an independent shop looking to expand your product visibility? Are  you looking to run a giveaway to maximize your exposure over the holiday season? We would love to help you!

‘Tis (almost) the season again, the one that leaves everyone clamoring to find the perfect gift for that special someone in their life. British Columbia Mom is excited to open up submissions for our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide, we’re looking to feature gifts for – Dad, Mom, Littles, Home & more! Our 2015 gift guide featured some of our favorites and we’d love to include even more this year! We have children ranging in age from 5-11 years old, and have contributors available to review infant or older children’s items. Check out our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide posts for what you can expect.  Continue reading →

The Jungle Book, a re-imagined favourite {Review}

The Jungle Book

Growing up, my favourite movies were always classic Disney ones. In fact, my mom still has many of my favourite movies stashed away still on VHS in the garage I’m sure. One of my all-time favourites was the original Jungle Book movie, this dated back years before I was even born but something drew me to the adventures of Mowgli, and my favourite bear Baloo.

Now you can enjoy Mowgli’s daring adventures in a brand new, live-action epic adventure – all on Disney Blue-Ray + DVD.
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Having great nights with GoodNites + #Giveaway!

GoodNites Potty Training

Potty training can be…well, a bit of an adventure, even with an easily trained child. There are the inevitable accidents, the dashing to the nearest public bathroom (or bush), and extra laundry. It’s a lot of baby steps, this potty training gig, but eventually, they get it in their own time and become masters of daytime elimination; learning to listen to their body’s signals, manage their clothes and proper hygiene. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel with just one more things to conquer: night-time training.

Just as kids become daytime trained at different ages (my daughter was 18 mos, my son 4), night training will happen on their own schedule. It’s a few more baby steps, but GoodNites brand has a complete line of nighttime products to help everyone #RestEasyTonight. All GoodNites have added protection to support each stage of their continued development and help boost their confidence; not to mention reducing the laundry!

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Calling Master Builders Young & Old! #LegoTour {Review}


Calling Master Builders young and old, if you are a major Lego fan like pretty much every kid on the planet then the Lego Imagine Nation Tour is something to add to your watch list – we had the pleasure of visiting the Vancouver leg of the tour this past weekend and suffice to say… I had to draaaaag the kids out of the Vancouver Convention Centre, more specifically out of the Brick Pit… sharing our review, what you can expect and why we LOVE all things LEGO! Continue reading →

40+ Metro Vancouver Halloween Happenings {Events}


Halloween is not just a day of fun. Oh no! Halloween is a season my friends, and the season is upon us! It is my family’s favourite season in fact, and as such I love to have a variety of Halloween happenings to choose from so we can celebrate all month long (and get our money’s worth out of those costumes!). From pumpkin patches to haunted houses, costume parties and mysteries, we’ve rounded up more than 40 events and places to be, from Squamish to Chilliwack and everywhere in between. Continue reading →

Celebrating all things Fall at the AppleBarn! + #Giveaway

Taves Family Farms Applebarn

Fall, leading in to Winter is when our family seems to have the most “traditions” – we have things that we do every single Halloween, and Christmas! With October just sneaking up on us we knew we had to make a trip to one of our favourite pumpkin patches to celebrate all things Fall! 3 years ago I discovered the Taves Family Applebarn on a whim suggestion from a friend when we had nothing else to do, suffice to say my mind was blown – how was there SO MUCH to do in one area!? Continue reading →