Skechers giving the boot to fall with family footwear + #Giveaway! #BCMOMHGG

Skechers Family Footwear

Skechers has been adorning the feet of youth for more than two decades. I myself have been a fan of their shoes since my teen years. Started in 1998 and at the time carrying mostly skate shoes, Skechers has grown immensely over the years. These days they offer quality shoes for every demographic, every season and in more styles than you can shake an ankle bootie at.

With fall firmly at our doorstep and winter not far behind, Skechers has boots available for every type of weather and occasion. When we were given the opportunity to test out some family footwear from Skechers, we were all excited at the prospect of new shoes…who wouldn’t be? We each thought about our individual needs and then tried to narrow our choices down from the great online selection.

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Illumibowl Illuminates Your Fun Gift Exchange Ideas! + Giveaway! #BCMOMHGG


Holidays in the workplace are always a huge source of anxiety for me, for a few reasons. It means that there will be food all over work that will lure me with their sweet calls and take permanent residence on my hips. It means that work parties will be planned and volunteers will be wrangled, meaning I need to avoid eye contact for a good month till it’s safe to look people in the eyes again. It means work gift exchanges, like secret Santa, will be starting… Continue reading →

#Vizyourkids with Lil Worker Safety Gear #BCMOMHGG

Lil Worker Safety GearThe time has fallen back an hour and the days were already getting shorter. With mostly rainy days and nights here on the west coast, visibility is often quite low to begin with. Add to that our magical mountain fog and visibility can go from low to nil within a block. However, I don’t want to keep my kids in the house just because it’s dark before dinner. I want to go out to play or for walks. But I also want them to be seen; a concern I’m sure many of us share. Well, James Flawith, a father here in BC, took those concerns a step further and developed Lil Worker Safety Gear; a line of high visibility gear for kids with the same quality and durability he himself wears at work.

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Kin’s Farm Market – Freshness for the Holidays + #Giveaway!

Kin's Market

There’s something to be said about specialty stores, you know the ones I mean – the grocery stores that have a specific focus, be it produce, butchers, etc. Usually, at these stores, you can find an abundance of freshness that  you might not otherwise find at a larger store. Not only that, you have a different level of customer service in a small shop – which is kind of my favourite thing ever. I love getting to know the story behind where I shop, and supporting a locally owned and run business is pretty much the best thing you can do for our economy – so we’re sharing a company our family has supported for years – and you could win a GC to try them out as well!

Recently, we were invited to visit Kin’s Farm Market at Lougheed Mall, one of 29 of their British Columbia locations, I personally love having a produce store in the mall and find it super convenient to be able to grab a healthy on-the-go snack to nourish you on your big shopping trips – especially around the holidays. Continue reading →

Simply Earth Subscription Boxes Are Simply Fantastic + #Giveaway #BCMOMHGG

Simpy Earth Kids Box

Moms all know the struggle, the constant battle with the “kid smell” our homes seem to always be inundated with no matter how hard we try. No matter how hard we clean that smell will creep back in all too soon after a good clean. Within a few hours you are reaching for your closest house spray in the hopes to battle the smell.

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A Joy to Give, But Not To Kids: Give Lottery Products Responsibly + #Giveaway!

BCLC Lottery Holiday Campaign

Last year, we were asked to share an important message – the importance of remembering that as fun as holiday scratch tickets can be (and they definitely are kinda fun) – they are a form of gambling, and they should never be gifted to children. We were so thrilled with the responses we received from everyone, that we are sharing the message again this year, and would love your support in helping us spread the importance of age appropriate gift ideas. Continue reading →