7 layers of tiny fun with L.O.L Surprise dolls #Review

L.O.L. Surprise Doll

One of the downfalls of not having cable is I am definitely not the cool mom up to date on all the “hot” toys. Sure, I’ve got the inside scoop on fun new toys that are coming out from other blogs and press releases but for the most part, I depend on my niece and A telling me what is the coolest toy in the classroom!

Last year, my niece had a specific request on her birthday list and it was for an LOL Doll. I looked at my hubby, kind of made a O_o face and went… “What exactly is an LOL doll?” and off we went to figure it out! Scarlett was quick to tell us all the things she loved about it, so when she heard she was going to get to come over and check out some of the series 1 dolls with us – she was so excited! Continue reading →

Have you tried Choose Your Own Adventure with Netflix? #StreamTeam

Puss In Boots Choose Your Own Adventure

Some of my favourite books growing up were adventure novels that allowed you to make decisions along the way, and change the endings. I fully used to ‘cheat’ and hold my place at the crossroads just in case my choice ended in my demise or capture, allowing me to go back and take the much better option. Aptly named Choose Your Own Adventure. the books in this series were hours of bookworm fun. When we were invited by the Netflix team to check out a sneak peek at some of the new choose your own adventure shows – you know our kids were on board! Continue reading →

Label ALL THE THINGS with Mabel’s Labels + #Giveaway!

Mabel's Labels Herschel

The new school year is so close, I can almost taste it. Kids are just about to find out their teachers for the year and settle into their new classrooms. We’ve done our obligatory back to school shopping for pencils and felts, various coloured duo-tangs and glue sticks, indoor running shoes, boxes of tissues, and even found some white glue (darn all you slime makers!). We’ve stocked up on school snacks, new socks and undies. There’s really only a couple of things left to do. The first is haircuts, but the most important one is to LABEL ALL THE THINGS.

And I really mean all. Every coloured pencil, every folder, every highlighter, each water bottle, sandwich box and shoe. Even the underwear (trust me on this). I could go old school and Sharpie it all, but as much as I love the names we picked for our children, I really don’t want to write them eleventy-million times. That’s why we love Mabel’s Label’s, where the hardest part is choosing which super cute design (Hello Kitty and Emojis?!) will adorn and personalize all of the items for the school year, and make them easier for you to find in the lost and found or the chaos that is known as the cloak room. Continue reading →

Greater Vancouver Food Bank: 2nd Annual Citywide Food Drive! #Events

Greater Vancouver Food Bank Citywide Food Drive

It’s been over a year since I volunteered with some local influencers at the Vancouver Food Bank but every moment I spent in the warehouse sticks with me each day. We spent hours sorting through donations, learning about the in’s and out’s of how the food gets to each location and what the most needed items are. It was eye-opening, convicting and extremely sobering to have this opportunity to see the inner workings of our local food bank.

It’s because of this experience that our family donates as often as we can, and we are very mindful of WHAT we donate.. with the 2nd annual Citywide Food Drive coming up, we’re hoping to share some items with you! Continue reading →

How would you spend $50,000? + Contest alert! #LiveGrand #AD

Live Grand $50,000 contest

If someone were to ask you right now, this very second, how you would spend $50,000 – would you start dreaming?

I know hubby and I have had a few moments where we’ll laugh and pretend what we would buy if we won the lottery and how the very first thing I would buy would be something crazy and
frivolous! I’ve always been pretty responsible with my purchases, so it would be kind of fun to just buy something pretty!

With $50,000 in your pocket inside one of the biggest malls in Metro Vancouver, where would you head first? We’re sharing an exciting new contest opportunity and a chance to win some amazing prizes!
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5 Tips For a Successful Family Road Trip #AD #CollectiveBias

{ Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CanadianTire #QuakerState #CollectiveBias #Ad }

Road Trip Tips with Quaker State

Summer is in full swing and one thing that has been on our minds after a pretty stressful year has been as many road trips as we can squeeze into our weekends! We are pretty lucky to live on the West Coast where we can drive one way to find oceans, and another to find mountains (and in some cases snow!).

When we were much younger, there wasn’t much thought that went into these road trips, we’d grab some essentials, hop into the car and go. Now as a family, we have to put a little more consideration into the tiny people in the car – with that, we’re sharing our top 5 tips for a successful (see: also slightly less stress-free!) family road trip.

From making sure you don’t forget anything important, to making sure your car is in tip top shape before heading out, these tips have helped us take a lot of stress out of our trips!

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