Mastering 21 questions with Netflix + 5 educational shows we love #StreamTeam

Netflix Stream Team Google Questions

Being a parent means basically being a walking search engine at all times, am I right? Kids can ask a hundred questions in a day from the smallest “can I have some juice” to “exactly how many miles away is the sun”, all within a 5 minute time period.

One thing we’ve noticed with A as she got older is that she is much more aware of what she is watching on TV, she is soaking up everything she hears and when she chooses to watch educational shows she comes at me with some serious questions. Knowing that those answers are important to her, and she is retaining that information (likely to tell everyone in the school drop off line the next morning) I want to make sure she’s getting the right information!  Continue reading →

Hack your kids next party with Netflix #StreamTeam #AD

Minnie Mouse Birthday

When kids are little, it’s pretty easy to rock the birthday parties. Balloons and a lot of cake can go a long way! As they  get older though it gets to be a little bit more of a challenge to make that special day just a little bit more special. Cue the blowing up balloons the night before while they sleep to fill their bedroom, hanging up a streamer hallway for them to burst through, planning the party that is just different enough from the last year to feel special, ordering the giant themed cakes…. sound familiar? Continue reading →

Join BC Hydro Team Power Smart + 10 tips to reduce your usage! #AD

Team Power Smart

After getting a taste of some real fall weather my hubby did something we usually wait until mid-October to do. I was out at work, he was home with the kids, and when I walked in the house, I seriously couldn’t believe it. No, it wasn’t Halloween decorations or funky fall gourds. He turned on the heat. In September!

Anyway, it recently got me thinking of what our utility bills will look like over the next few months of fall going into winter. And then, in a minute of panic over the energy consumption and inevitable money consumption that lies ahead, I scurried around the house to turn the thermostat down. And turn off my daughter’s radio. And her light. And the bathroom lights. The entryway light and porch light. And the kitchen light. Had these been on all day?  Obviously, there was some energy and money saving work to be done here, and I found out that BC Hydro wants to help and provides customers online tools to do so! Continue reading →

Metro Vancouver (& beyond!) Pumpkin Patches

Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley Pumpkin Patch Roundup

It’s kind of my favourite time of year right now – bring on the rain boots, sweaters and scarves! One of our must-do’s during the fall is spending as much time visiting our local pumpkin patches and it’s easy to see why – with activities for all ages it’s always a wonderful way to spend the day as a family, and leave with something fun to do!

We’ve rounded up some of our local pumpkin patches for you – and we’d love to hear which ones you love best, and what keeps you going back each year. Continue reading →

The Great Big Boo is Coming to a City Near You! {Events}

The Great Big Boo Cineplex

Are you ready to be spooked… and by spooked, I mean giggle and have some fun laughs with some seriously silly (but trying to be a little scary!) characters? There is a new family friendly live show event traveling into Metro Vancouver Cineplex theatres and it the perfect way for families to explore the magic of Halloween, without the scary.  Get up close with Vinnie the Vampire, Wendella the Witch, Wolfgang the Werewolf and many more interactive characters and help Zoe and Justin on their quest to save Halloween!

The Great Big Boo!” combines the best of musical theatre and the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating in a fun theatre experience that is sure to delight all ages.

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2017 Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train: Alien Invasion {Events}

Stanley Park Ghost Train

Prepare to be delightfully spooked by one of Vancouver’s most anticipated Halloween events happening again, with an alien twist! Each year the Stanley Park Ghost Train takes  riders on a journey through a mystical and magical world, themed by Halloween and other creepy tales all while maintaining a family friendly environment that is sure to spook (and thrill!) the entire family.

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