We’ve had our first taste of autumn now with some sweater weather and some rain, ¬†pumpkin spice everything is out in full force and the leaves are starting to change colour. Time to talk Christmas! Amirite? Costco’s doing it, and you know who else is talking Christmas, besides the big guy in red? The hundreds of volunteers, riders and coordinators of the Vancouver Motorcycle Christmas Toy Run, now in it’s

Greater Vancouver Food Bank: 2nd Annual Citywide Food Drive! #Events

It’s been over a year since I volunteered with some local influencers at the Vancouver Food Bank but every moment I spent in the warehouse sticks with me each day. We spent hours sorting through donations, learning about the in’s and out’s of how the food gets to each location and what the most needed items are. It was eye-opening, convicting and extremely sobering to have this opportunity to see

SmartSAVER guiding Canadians through RESPs

Every so often, I ask my kids what they would like to be when they grow up. When they were smaller I got answers like a princess, cowboy, or candy tester. Over the years I’ve heard many different answers; veterinarian, teacher or recording artist from my daughter recently, and my son figures a firefighter, race car driver or drummer. You’d almost think I was asking what they wanted to be

White Spot Pirate Pak Day

Ahoy Mates! ‘Tis that time of year again, one of my favouuurrrriiite times of year. The chance to be a kid again (who didn’t love the iconic White Spot boat when they were growing up?) all while helping send very deserving kids and young adults with life threatening illnesses and chronic disabilities to camp, this is the perfect chance to enjoy a family night out and support a fabulous charity.

Make a date to make a difference with One Girl Can #IWant2Be

Growing up, I was the kid who slept in, who had to be poked and prodded to make it to school on time. I did just enough work to slide through and eventually pursue post secondary, but I wasn’t invested. I saw school as something that was getting in the way of my social life and treated it as such. An inconvenience. Looking back, I am so grateful to have