White Spot Pirate Pak Day

Ahoy Mates! ‘Tis that time of year again, one of my favouuurrrriiite times of year. The chance to be a kid again (who didn’t love the iconic White Spot boat when they were growing up?) all while helping send very deserving kids and young adults with life threatening illnesses and chronic disabilities to camp, this is the perfect chance to enjoy a family night out and support a fabulous charity.

Make a date to make a difference with One Girl Can #IWant2Be

Growing up, I was the kid who slept in, who had to be poked and prodded to make it to school on time. I did just enough work to slide through and eventually pursue post secondary, but I wasn’t invested. I saw school as something that was getting in the way of my social life and treated it as such. An inconvenience. Looking back, I am so grateful to have


Bullying. It’s a word that I thought I would eventually outgrow. When we’re kids and bullied in school, we’re always told that “it gets better when you’re older”. The fact is, it doesn’t. A lot of bullying flows right over into adulthood, and with the help of social media and anonymity it’s all the more rampant. Bullying experienced by children follows them into adult years – feelings of inadequacy, depression

Puzzled Jewelry

Autism affects at last count, 1 in 68 children. With staggering statistics and this number currently on the rise often times many of us not directly impacted by Autism find ourselves asking “how can we help?”.  Well, we have the perfect opportunity for you to help an amazing cause, and wear some beautiful jewelry while doing it! 

Vancouver Motorcycle Christmas Toy Run

2016 Vancouver Toy Run Information Who’s thinking about Christmas in September? I know I am! Especially after receiving this wonderful flyer in my email! We look forward to the Vancouver Motorcycle Toy Run each year – especially since it runs right through our neighborhood. The Vancouver Motorcycle Toy Run is returning for it’s 37th annual parade of motorcycles – all riding to raise donations of both money and gifts for

7-Eleven Name Your Price Day

Last year, 7-Eleven’s Slurpee Name Your Price Day was such a hit, they just had to do it again, and with 100% of total sales or donations going directly to Food Banks Canada, it was one Slurpee customers could definitely feel good about. On Wednesday September 16th at all 7-11 locations, you will have another chance to help feed the hungry by buying your large Slurpee for as much or