Bob Books brings fun to learning to read

Literacy is literally a gift that lasts a lifetime and keeps on giving with every new book you read. I’m quite the bookworm and hope that both my children find joy in reading too. But learning to read is not always an easy road. Reading is a set of skills that take time to develop. BOB Books knows this; they’ve been helping children along the road to independent reading for

Vancouver International Children's Festival

When the Vancouver International Children’s Festival arrives, Granville Island comes to life! With seven fantastic indoor theatre venues and a bustling arts activity village, the Kids’ Fest site becomes your family’s playground! From toddlers to tweens, there are shows and activities for everyone. If you’re local to us, then you have heard of Granville Island, and probably have visited this magical oasis in the middle of the bustling city with

alivia curiosity box

Raise your hands if you have a craft drawer or cupboard that looks like a trash dump? Yep, I have about 9000 crayons, though I can never find the blue, red, or yellow ones when she wants them. I have markers that have lids that disappeared months ago yet I keep forgetting to throw out and oh.. glue? Where the heck is the glue!? I’ve said it before and I’ll

Holiday Music Traditions

I will shamelessly admit that I am the mom who is encouraging my child to sing Christmas Carols as soon as possible. I love getting into the holiday spirit pretty much as soon as I can after Halloween and making the season last. Music has always played a huge role in our holiday’s and thanks to Staccato Music Studios, it will continue on this year with their Holiday Sing Along

Fire Prevention Week Alivia in Fire Truck

A couple of months ago, Alivia and I were at swimming lessons at Eileen Dailly pool, we were in the family change room when we started to hear crackling over the loud speaker, the change rooms are quite nosy so I couldn’t hear really what was being said. I brushed it off and went back to getting Livvy showered and dressed. Suddenly, the fire alarm started going off LOUDLY. In a

Fire Prevention Week 2014

The history of Fire Prevention Week is a tragic one. In 1871, The Great Chicago Fire devastated countless people when it burned through the city for 2 days – October 8th & 9th. In that time 250 lives were lost, another 100 000 were homeless and it had ravaged 2000 acres of land.  In 1922, marking the 40th anniversary of the Great Fire, ‘the Fire Marshals Association of  North America