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An interesting title, but I really was angry over a carton of eggs. It had nothing to do with the eggs themselves (they were surely innocent), but I was angry with a question that was haunting me all day and still continues to haunt me. When did we stop respecting our seniors? When did we stop caring for those most vulnerable in our society? When did we all become so selfish?

Watching my mom struggle with Arthritis #TylenolArthritis

I, much like most people, always assumed that arthritis only affected older people, and by older I mean grand parents (Sorry Grandma!). It never seemed like a younger person ailment and I never really gave it a second thought. That is until my mom started to struggle with arthritis  pain in her late 30’s, it started very small with just twinges here and there, stiffness that we chalked up to

pregnancy and infant loss awareness month

October is infant & pregnancy loss awareness month. I’m going to get a bit personal here and share a story that not very many people outside of my personal circle really know. It’s a hard topic for me to talk about and it still drudges up some painful memories; though I believe that healing comes from sharing and I hope my story can bring hope to other women.

Hold the Line - Support BC Teachers

I’m sure there are thousands of parents that are so happy their kids are finally back in school. Losing nearly a month of education not only puts stress on the teachers & children but also on the grade curriculum. Kids don’t remember everything they learned the previous year, with 2 months off from your regular job I’m sure there would be things you would forget as well, now add on