If you’re from British Columbia, #bcstorm is probably still quite fresh in your mind. Drive down any street and you’ll still see random broken branches, uprooted trees and shards of glass left over from windshields long since shattered. In just an hour hundreds of thousands of residents lost power and hunkered down to avoid the storm. Unfortunately even though the wind had passed, the devastation remained and many were without

My Week by 2Fish Kids

Bug is now at the age where she wants to know each and everyday where we are going that day. She’ll wake up, roll over and say “where we going today?”. Normally it’s the usual off to daycare while mommy goes to work but each day has another activity as well – swimming, library, dad day.. all things she looks forward to.

Limeapple Little Lime

When I was pregnant, I had vivid dreams that I was going to have a boy. I had visions of light blue everything, trains, trucks and mommy’s little guy. Clearly, the universe had other plans for us because my house is now overflowing with pink, ruffles, lace and baby dolls – everywhere! I’ve learned to embrace it though, I love dressing Alivia in big bursts of fun colors – let’s

Easy Daysies Alivia Calendar

One of the biggest challenges in our home is our morning routine, Alivia wakes up and starts playing immediately. During the weekend this is fine with us, but during the week we are on a bit more of a tight schedule and need to get out the door just a little bit quicker. I find I am constantly repeating myself with her morning routine – get up and get dressed,

Little Jots

Life is busy. I know this first hand – most days I am scrambling to get lunches made with one foot out the door. I try my best to make sure my little bug knows how much she is loved before I drop her off at school with grandma. Days get away from us though. I was so thrilled to be introduced to Little Jots at an Easy Daysies event

Mouse & Moose GIveaway

It’s not often that I shop on Etsy without a goal, I’m distracted pretty easily so it’s usually for birthday decorations or outfits for a celebration. I never really thought to explore the eco-friendly side of toys on Etsy and was so grateful when Kristen – the owner and work from home mom behind Mouse & Moose contacted me. All of us firmly believe in and stand behind companies that