Easy Daysies a Peek at Our Week Calendar

Recently Tara and I were invited to attend the launch party for a new product by Easy Daysies and you could say I was a little excited.  I remembered seeing creator and founder Elaine Tan Comeau on Dragon’s Den pitching her product Easy Daysies a few years back. Her customizable magnetic schedules not only reduce anxiety and foster independence in children with a visual representation of their day, but they

Staccato Music Studios Piano Lessons

I swear to this day that Alivia was born singing. From a wee baby to the crazy 3 year old she is now she is always dancing, always tapping out a beat and singing to every song she hears. I pretty much knew right away that music was in her blood and wanted to encourage it as her awesome mom has a shower only voice… In 2012, I was lucky

Oliver's Labels Preview

If you are anything like me the best part of going back to school was getting everything organized. Now that I am a mom I am realizing the importance of labeling, keeping track of and making sure items get HOME from school at the end of the day. With schools having up to 400 kids in some areas and most parents shopping at the same stores for back to school

topbox august review

My favorite time of the month is hands down when I get my shipping (and delivery!) notification from Topbox. I don’t treat myself to very many things so I figure I can splurge and spend $13.44 (including shipping/tax!) on myself once a month and be surprised each time. I signed up for Topbox about 8 months ago and for the most part it has really introduced me to some brands


We are a technology household and I will be the first to admit that. Alivia received an iPad mini for Christmas last year and we have downloaded tons of great education apps for her. Here is our top 5 must-have toddler ipad apps, these are tried, tested and true; and are an absolute hit in our house. Make sure to keep an eye on Apps Gone Free daily, I discovered a couple

Chick Advisor Gosh Cosmetics Review Opportunity

Do you love makeup as much as I do? Do you love trying new and exciting products? I was lucky enough to attend a ChickAdvisor Showcase event recently and I love everything they stand for. At the Showcase, we sampled and reviewed a beautiful Gosh Cosmetics Bronzer and fell in love with it, it’s now a staple in my makeup regime and I jumped on the chance to join the review