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Making time for me with #LiveGrand + #Giveaway & how to win $5000! #AD

As a mom, it’s pretty rare that I get to take time for myself to do pretty much anything that isn’t mom-related. This includes any trips to the mall that aren’t for new kids clothes, school shoes or doctors appointments. I was pretty excited to be given the opportunity to Live Grand thanks to the BCLC Daily Grand contest and grabbed one of my fave ladies – Sara Paley from

Microblading? 5 Things to look for to get those perfect brows

I have been blessed with many things: common sense, intelligence, a wonderful family and amazing friends. There’s more, but eyebrows have never made the list. I was born a blond with matching barely there eyebrows, and when I started getting interested in makeup I really began to notice them; or the lack of them. Making up the rest of my face made my eyebrows seem even more non-existent. Trying to

The Unexpected Passenger {Mental Health}

I have anxiety, among other things, but for the most part my anxiety under control. Of course, there are still situations that I find difficult, and times when it pops up pretty randomly. I liken my anxiety to that one person/friend (we’ll call her Annie) who is always giving warnings and tips about everything from earthquake survival to food recalls to the dangers of microwaves or using deodorant. They seem