Chickadvisor Review Opportunity: Clinique Sonic System #cliniquesonic

Chickadvisor Review Clinique Sonic System Cleansing Brush

I loveee Chickadvisor Review opportunities! If you have joined the Chickadvisor community you have probably discovered the awesome products you get to try! I have been chosen for 3 within the past couple of weeks and I’m super excited!

Whats up for review?

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

Have you had a rough summer? Combine sunscreen, bug spray, sun exposure, dryness… the summer has reeked havoc on my skin and probably everyone elses!

Developed by dermatologists, it is designed to lift makeup, dirt, and oil away, getting deep into your T-zone while being gentle on your skin. The angled tip targets hard to reach areas, and notice the two-toned brush? Those are two bristle types that offer customized cleansing: a softer white side for skin you want to baby, and a firmer green side for skin that needs a deeper clean.

This sounds pretty fantastic to me! Have you signed up yet? It’s easy, free and who doesn’t love a chance to review┬ánew and exciting products?

20 lucky chicks will be chosen for this one so make sure to apply by September 14, 2014!


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