Dinner’s Ready Personal Chef Services – our week in review + Enter to WIN!

Dinner's Ready Personal Chef ServicesPicture wonderfully organized Tara, having meal planned for the entire week, I spent hours slaving in the kitchen and carefully packaging away pre-portioned meals, freezing for later in the week, cleaning my kitchen immediately afterwards and sitting back with a glass of wine and a pat on the back with a spotlessly clean house.

Hah… anyone else? That isn’t how it goes at my house either. On the best of days I am usually scrambling to throw dinner together after a 10 hour day at the office. I have my staple go-tos, but to be serious my family moans a little bit with the typical “not this AGAIN….”.ย 

Fact is, life is busy. Whether you are in a home where both parents work, or are a single person with a packed schedule, or just an over worked mom who needs a break from the kitchen – this is for you!

I stumbled across Dinner’s Ready Personal Chef Services on Facebook and reached out to the owner Victoria, I wanted to know more about having my very own personal chef (who wouldn’t!?). Immediately I was so impressed with her passion for food, she loves to cook and she knows that not everyone has time to pull off gourmet meals during the week – even when we want to.

I learned through my chats with her that she’s found the perfect mix of keeping her costs down by buying bulk, having a set weekly menu and making the best out of items that are in season to maximize flavour profiles.

Our review couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I had just had my gallbladder surgery and wasn’t allowed to stand on my feet for very long or lift anything over 5lbs – cooking and eating a balanced meal was a challenge and I personally don’t like burdening people!

The menus aren’t simple either, check out our menu below and what we thought.

Meal 1 – Hawaiian Teriyaki Burgers with a nectarine, prosciutto and parmesan salad. (pictured up top)

Our thoughts: I was impressed with the sheer size of these burgers! Nothing is left out in the meal, Victoria includes everything right down to the buns you need and a single serving of fresh parmesan for grating. The salad was fresh, with just the right amount of saltiness from the proscuitto and parm – we split this meal between 3 adults, my mom and I shared half a burger (it was HUGE) and we had more then enough salad for everyone.

Meal 2 – Raspberry balsamic chicken flatbread with bacon & sweet onion, with a caprese salad.

Dinner's Ready Personal Chef Services

Our thoughts: holy cow. I wish I could have recorded the look on my face when I opened these up, they are huge and the fresh raspberries on top were a total win. The flatbread was ready in under 30 minutes in the oven and demolished in less than 10. The balsamic dressing balanced out the sweetness of the onion and the bacon added just the right amount of salty (my fave!). The salad was delicious with fresh mozza, and we even had dressing included! I wish I could have grabbed a photo of the salad, but someone ate it all…

Meal 3 – Tuscan pasta with italian salami, portobello mushrooms, peppers and fresh mozza, with garlic bread

Dinner's Ready Personal Chef Services

Our thoughts: I am a total pasta junkie, I won’t lie about how much I love my carbs and I’m not ashamed of it either! The only way I could describe the sheer size of this portion was “Costco” size. Our package was to include meals for 2, but so far we were easily able to feed 3 adults! The Tuscan pasta meal was no different – with big chunks of italian salami and peppers it was the perfect mid week meal. We forgot our garlic bread but I’m pretty sure that would have been delicious too. I topped this with a bit of the extra parmesan we had left over from meal #1.

Meal 4: Sweet & Smoky BBQ Pork Tenderloin with scalloped potatoes and roasted veggies

Our thoughts: Sadly, this was not a good day for me food wise and I didn’t get to try – or photograph this meal. However, the man of the house had no problems preparing everything – every detail you need right down to suggested temperatures and cooking times is on the package which is fantastic! He also really enjoyed that the pork was sliced up into individual pieces so re-heating was quick and painless without it drying out. I never make scalloped potatoes because I always ruin them – but he went back for seconds – total win!

Meal 5: Baja Cod Fish Taco’s with a topping box (cabbage, avocado, cherry tomatoes) and sweet potato fries


Our thoughts: I don’t love seafood to be 100% honest but as I was prepping the fish tacos I was won over – the cod was perfectly cooked, moist and just the right amount of seasoning – and Victoria picked the perfect accompaniments to include in the toppings box. I was able to make 4 generous size tacos with what we had and we ate every single bite! The cherry tomatoes added just the right pop of flavor and color. It felt like a Friday meal for sure with fish tacos and fries!

Final thoughts:

Anyone who knows me, knows just how cheapย  frugal I am. I am pretty meticulous with our grocery shopping and I know what it would cost to purchase all of these ingredients on their own to make these meals.. plus the time I spend grocery shopping, and the time preparing it each and every day, or doing it all at once and spending all day in the kitchen. There was definite value to this service for me. It certainly doesn’t have to be a constant service but I can guarantee that each and every one of us has needed a break from cooking at one point or another. Have someone who is recovering from surgery (like I was?) this would be the perfect gift to help with their recovery and keep them on point with nutrition. My recovery was rough, and I really really appreciated knowing that I didn’t need to worry about what to feed my family that night – and I loved that if we chose to skip a meal and have a “fend for yourself” night, I could just pull out the next meal the following day.

I can think of a dozen different scenarios where someone would benefit from a week’s worth of dinner’s taken care of for them. As I mentioned above, our meal plan was for 2 people but we easily fed 3 each day, depending on the menu you may even be able to stretch it to 3 + a kid – it all depends on your families appetite!

Family Value Program Information – includes 5 meals

Meals for 2- $120
Meals for 4- $200
Meals for 6- $285

– All packages include meals, sides and salads. Every thing you need to make the menu item is included in your package. Menu’s are prepared weekly and available for pick up on certain days. Items come pre-portioned in freezer safe packaging.

Do you want a Personal Chef for a week? Dinner’s Ready Personal Chef Services has generously given us a weeks worth of meals for 2 to give away to one lucky reader! Enter below.

Giveaway is open to residents of British Columbia. A new menu is posted weekly and you will have a maximum of 4 weeks to redeem your prize with Dinners Ready. You will need to pick up your prize in Langley on a designated pick-up day.
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{Disclosure: We received samples in exchange for our post, all opinions are our own and not influenced by sponsors.}

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  1. Agata says:

    This would be amazing! Everything looks and sounds delicious. Not what I would think for a personal chef service! Yum!!

  2. Lindsay Simmons says:

    my partner and I are crazy busy, I like to cook but after a long day I lack the creativity to try something new. This would allow us to add to our repertoire for dinner & maybe my husband could take over some of the responsibility for dinner too

  3. Sarah Ewing says:

    I have a just turned 2 year old & a 2 month old – enough said!!! I’m lucky if I can throw cereal together for dinner ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Mandy says:

    OMG, we need this! Since the baby’s been born, we’ve been struggling to get dinner ready & eaten before putting baby to bed at a reasonable hour. And all that cooking takes time away from our family time. ๐Ÿ™

  5. Krista Hawthorne says:

    I love that you are offering this!! I am currently pregnant and delivering via c-section this Friday July 31st with my first child. I would love to win this to make mine and my fiance life a bit easier in the coming weeks as we adjust to being mom and dad

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    We need this because we will have 2 babies to look after soon. Our 4 month old grandson lives with us and our granddadughter is due any day now! We will be run off of our feet lol

  7. Sherry F says:

    I am feeling very run down and could really benefit from some delicious meals prepared by someone else for a change.

  8. be mckim says:

    would love a break from cooking!,as trying to get well and trying new recipies and would really like to be more frugal and efficient with the weekly menu idea!

  9. Michelle S. says:

    As a busy mom of a teen daughter who works part-time for one company and full-time at my building my own business I’m one busy mama. I would love to have a week off from cooking but still have some amazing meals without all the prep for a change. I do love food and do appreciate yummy food.

  10. Renee says:

    I’ve also used Dinner’s Ready Personal Chef Services and you’re right – the meals are delicious and can easily feed 3. I love to cook, but everyone deserves a night (or week) off ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Natalie says:

    I wonder if she/they could do weight watcher meals? I find it so boring eating the same old salads and chicken – I’d love someone to treat me to some healthy lifestyle meals and gain some ideas and motivation!

  12. Debbie F says:

    After commuting 1 hour in rush hour traffic after work the last thing I want to go is cook a meal. Many times it ends up being soup and sandwiches.

  13. Hayley says:

    Oh wow, that sounds amazing and yummy. I’d love this for my Mum who has been having some pretty bad back/knee issue lately but looks after her 2yr old Niece 5 days a week and does all the cooking.

  14. Carolyn says:

    I would love to win to win these Dinner’s Ready- Personal Chef Services Meals. As a brand new BC mommy learning the art of balancing it all it would be such a great help to me.

  15. Janna says:

    My friend absolutely loves, loves, loves them. She can’t say enough about how wonderful the food is. I have never had the honour of trying it but I would love too!! What an amazing contest!!

  16. Jeannie says:

    With 2 little ones under 5, it’s hard for me to get healthy meals that they will eat on the table on time after a day of playing at the park. This would definitely bring me a little relaxation for at least one week!

  17. Jaclyn says:

    I would so LOVE to win this! I’m just in the middle of a move, and my kitchen is virtually all packed up so it’s so challenging to cook anything creative or exciting. All the menus look so delicious!

  18. Meg A says:

    I have allergies so, I prefer to eat at home versus going out. I also have histamine intolerance on top of it, so it’s not easy to balance nutrition and health. But, it takes time and energy, so a personal chef can help for those hectic times. I love preparing my own meals, beverages and desserts but, a personal chef can certainly help me enjoy a time off once in a while.

  19. Jocelyn says:

    The chef services look amazing. It would be so nice to not have to worry about meal planning and cooking for a few days!

  20. brandon forsyth says:

    I work pretty long days so having a personal chef for a week would be great to come home to when I am tired.

  21. Stephanie Poole says:

    Entering for a friend who works really hard and is an amazing mommy to her daughter. Her husband also works long hours and would just like them to have some family dinners together (easier if food is prepared for them due to time restraints) ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. pj says:

    One of the side effects of meds I need to take make me very tired. Will be 5 years in September, looking forward for this to be over, but having a week’s meals would be such a bonus.

  23. Tabby72 says:

    With working full time, it is so hard to get healthy meals on the table for the family. Having the services of a personal chef sure would be nice!

  24. Rob I says:

    This would be for my gf, who works 2 jobs and is a single mom, which is of course a full time job in and of itself. I’d love to give her a break from cooking for a week.

  25. Monica Ghosh says:

    I’m losing all mobility waiting for my left hip to be replaced, about one year on the surgical waitlist. I’m finding it harder and harder to cook for myself, and have lost interest in takeout food. Your meals look amazing!

  26. Ashleigh says:

    With busy lives sometimes we wouldn’t eat until 8 or 9 – would be so nice to be able to eat earlier without the long prep/cook times.

  27. Erin W says:

    I could really use this because my husband works out of town during the week and sometimes I really struggle to just make food for my daughter and me!

  28. Amber says:

    This would be amazing for me and my family. With 7.5-month-old twins and a busy 4-year-old, it seems there is never enough time to make healthy home cooked meals.

  29. Sarah says:

    I would love to win this!! We are currently packing up our house and moving with a 3 year old and 8 month old! As you can imagine it’s busy! This would definitely help us eat healthy while packing and unpacking the kitchen!

  30. Erin says:

    who wouldn’t want to win a week of delicious meals for 2? Let’s face it, we are all busy with life and this would definitely help ease the meal planning and shopping. Good luck to me! ๐Ÿ˜„

  31. Kathy says:

    A personal chef is not just for busy families. This would be ideal for elderly folks like me who love food but have no ambition to cook for one. My granddaughter & I would love to sample a week of Victoria’s creations

  32. Celina Woycheshen says:

    This would be amazing to win. I am a Mom of 2 that has just gone back to work and also just moved back from Saskatchewan. I would live to have some quick and easy meals so I can spend more time with my family and unpacking.

  33. Helen W says:

    I have always wondered about services like this, and assumed they were simply too expensive. As a person living with a disability, sometimes cooking is simply too much. Win or lose, I think I will explore this service a bit further, Thank you

  34. Melia Whyte says:

    between work and kids i barely have enough time to make nutritious meals..let alone the shopping for food and the dishes afterwards..i need a personal chef for sure!

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