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One of the only ‘highlights’ of going to the clinic or dentist as a kid was the stack of magazines available to read. They may have been a few years old, but there was always a handful of Highlights Magazines tucked in among the fashion magazines (also outdated, and hilariously so). These magazines have always been full of games, stories, riddles and craft ideas touching on animals, science, holidays, you name it! Looking through the newest Highlights magazines is a little bit of a flash back. They have really stayed true to their format and have so many of the same features I used to love like Goofus and Gallant, Brain Play, Hidden Pictures, and reader submissions. But do you know what really has changed over the years? The selection of magazines, subscription boxes and other gifts they offer now!

Highlights collectionDo you have a puzzle lover on your hands? A budding math whiz? A master maze manipulator? Maybe Hidden Pictures is your kids favourite feature? Highlights has a club for that!  They literally have a book or club that will engage all kids 0-12, and beyond, because if I’m honest, I still love to read Highlights magazines, with or without my kids. I love the ideas and fun facts that I can share with my kids, and I usually pick up a cheesy joke or two that are good for a few laughs or an eye-roll.

High 5 mag

Given my enthusiasm for these childhood treasures, you can imagine how thrilled I was to be able to share these gems with my kids, the next generation of Highlights fans. And while Highlights is a magazine that my 4-year-old can enjoy with the help of his sister, we were also given a selection of High 5 magazines that are perfect for the preschooler set.

Both kids dove in, and soon all I could hear was a chorus of ‘Hey mom! Did you know that…’, “Hey mom! Look at this!’ ‘Hey mom! Knock knock…’.

It was actually quite lovely, this learning disguised as fun, and I’m so happy that both my kids are interested in something I was too at their age.


Once the excitement died down a little we hunted around on the Hidden Picture pages for a little quiet time family competition. It is still one of my favourite Highlights features, and now you can get books just full of hidden picture fun. These have become a huge hit, and we try to do a page a day, though some of those items are very challenging to find (much like in real life).

The Hidden Picture pages are also great because they can double as colouring pages. But, if you want to colour without the endless searching for forks and shoes, Highlights now offers colouring books as well. They won’t help with the finding of actual forks and shoes, but colouring is relaxing, so you’ll stress less about them.

If you’re thinking of ordering Highlights magazines for the child on your list, be sure to get your order in before December 17th to make sure it arrives in time for Christmas.

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And of course, since we LOVE Highlights Magazine so much, we have a YEAR subscription to giveaway to one lucky reader, courtesy of Highlights! Enter Below! Open to US & Canada.
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Good Luck!

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  1. lori b says:

    i remember we used to get highlights when we were kids and we would always run off the bus to get in the house first to get it.

  2. Jennifer P. says:

    I used to love taking the Highlights magazines out of the library where my mom worked! I used to bring home a whole bunch over the summer (she was a school librarian), and it was such a treat!

  3. Caroline M. says:

    I wanted to have them as a child, but I never got any, I don’t think they were sold in our mainly francophone community

  4. Angela Mitchell says:

    I had a Highlights subscription growing up. I loved them and kept them for years and used them as text books when I was playing school.

  5. Suzi says:

    We used to always read them at the dentist office – I didn’t know they were still around to be honest and I just sent this link to my mom as she said she might want to get it for my youngest niece!

  6. Amber Y says:

    we don’t have any highlights memories. It’s not a magazine I’m familiar with. I may have run across them as a kid, but if i did I do not remember them. They look and sound like a ton of fun though.

  7. michelle matta says:

    I don’t actually have a highlights memory, but I hope that doesn’t give me a disadvantage. I think my sweet nephew and niece (4 + 2) would love to receive this prize as a gift from their cool aunt (me!). Such curious and creative kids.

  8. Carole Dube says:

    I use to have a subscription for my children when they were younger. Wouldn’t that be awesome if I win a subscription for my granddaughters!

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