Kensington Return-It Centre unveils the newest in return technology! {Events}

Kensington Return-it centre

If you’re anything like me, sometimes it just seems easier to toss your bottles and cans into the recycle bin outside your house and someone from the neighborhood inevitably collects them and returns them. While I love the little lady that comes around our neighborhood weekly to collect the bottles. I can’t help but be reminded of just how much money I am passing up by not returning them myself. Those bottles can certainly add up, and Kensington Return-It Centre has the newest equipment to make it easier, more efficient and less icky for everyone. Continue reading →

Sugar your way to smooth skin with Sugar’d Cloverdale + #Giveaway!

Sugar'd Cloverdale Sugaring

Sugar, lemon and water. What does that make you think of? Lemonade? A hot soothing beverage? Hair removal? If you said ‘huh?’ to that last one, you need to read on. Known as ‘sugaring’, this ancient hair removal method is gentle on the skin and gentle on the environment and will leave you feeling soft and smooth for way longer than shaving ever could. In fact, as a shaving only type of gal, I’ve now ditched the razor entirely! All thanks to Sugar’d Cloverdale and a big nudge from my bestie. Continue reading →

Support Pink Shirt Day at London Drugs {Events}

Pink Shirt Day

Bullying is something that happens daily, if not hourly for some people. As a survivor of bullying in both middle and high school, I know just how long those scars travel with you. Even as an adult, my self-esteem suffers on a regular basis when I am triggered by something from my childhood. Even with zero bullying tolerance in many schools, it isn’t enough. With the rise of cyber bullying it seems that more and more people are suffering regularly.London Drugs aims to help eradicate bullying and with your help! Canadian retailer London Drugs is proud to continue as an official retail partner for the #PinkShirtDay campaign, along with organizers CKNW Orphans Fund in support of anti-bullying programs – and you can join in too!

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Discover the magic that is Cavalia Odysseo! {Review}

Odysseo Cavalia

If you are a lover of beautiful horses, incredibly talented acrobatics and breathtaking set changes then I have a show that is just for you. Cavalia Odysseo is here in Vancouver and it is blowing Vancouver’s mind once again! With crowds fighting for tickets left right and center, so much so that they needed to add in extra shows just to meet demand. Cavalia: Odysseo has been extended to March 5th, so there’s still time to grab your tickets and experience this amazing, one of a kind show for yourself.  Continue reading →

Great Value Family Day Pizza Challenge Accepted #WeLoveGreatValue #ad

Great Value Pizza Challenge

February in BC brings more than just valentines and cherry blossoms, it also brings Family Day! It’s a relatively new holiday for us; our first one was in 2013 but it’s always a holiday we look forward to. It’s all about having some time off from work and school to spend some extra quality time with the ones we love. Typically, we spend our 3-day weekend going swimming or skating, playing board games or maybe going to a movie. We have lazy sleep-in mornings and some fun in the kitchen; baking or making dinner together. Things we love to do that our busy schedules don’t often allow during the week. Between activities, school drop-offs and pick-ups and everyday events it seems there isn’t much time to just slow down. Continue reading →

Make nice at Metropolis at Metrotown for Pink Shirt Day+ #Giveaway! #METMakeNice

#MetMakeNice - Pink Shirt Day Metropolis at Metrotown

No matter what our differences, kindness is always a choice worth making. This year Metropolis at Metrotown has joined the movement against bullying, working with the CKNW Orphans’ Fund for Pink Shirt Day from February 6 – 22, 2017. Bullying at schools and work places is still very much a problem and by pledging to support this initiative, you are helping to eliminate bullying, offering support to those who need it and most importantly, making sure no one feels alone. Children who are bullied suffer more headaches, stomachaches, depression and anxiety, they are at greater risk of suicide, and they are more likely to miss school or suffer poor grades. This is just a few statistics from and many reasons why we support #PinkShirtDay wholeheartedly. Let’s end bullying – together.

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