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Our children have more than ever before. But sometimes, that’s not such a good thing. In a world where there is access to almost anything, technology, screens and foods lacking nutrients, how do we get back to moderation where balanced lifestyles are key? How do we encourage our children to eat and enjoy physical activity for health and wellness?

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If you have a tween girl, or remember that phase, you’ll remember how painful that period of their lives is. Many young girls are already unhappy with their bodies, especially as they change. Some deal with bullying, and mean girls or low self esteem, and many are unsure how to ‘fit in’. All of them, all of our girls, need to find their inner awesome somehow. Every one of our

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Our children’s lives, more than any generation of children before them, are seriously lacking. Not lacking in gadgets, technology, education or food (for the most part). But lacking in exercise. Exercise – something that is free, needs little to no equipment and can be done nearly anywhere and our kids lack it. How has this come to pass? Why aren’t the playgrounds filled with kids playing grounder, tag or hide-and-seek?