back to school

Stuck On You

Were you that kid growing up that never had your name on a pencil, keychain, shoe laces, etc? Maybe you weren’t an Ashley, or a Melissa or a John? I was lucky and in most cases could find items with my name on it growing up but nowadays, names are more unique or spelled in a much less conventional way. Y is certainly making it’s place in the world in

Oliver's Labels Preview

If you are anything like me the best part of going back to school was getting everything organized. Now that I am a mom I am realizing the importance of labeling, keeping track of and making sure items get HOME from school at the end of the day. With schools having up to 400 kids in some areas and most parents shopping at the same stores for back to school

Back to school deals alert #staples canada

I love a good sale, I love it even more if it means I can start stocking up on items I’ll use for other projects or that I can donate without breaking the bank! I’ve noticed a lot of stores in my area are all price matching one another so I was able to hit the closest store to me; Staples, and fill up my basket to my heart’s content.