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Bath Squigglers - making bath time fun! #BCMOMHGG

Bath time on the best of days can be a bit of a challenge, from wrangling kids who don’t want to get naked and into the tub, to keeping them entertained while you try desperately to wash their hair without getting soap in their eyes – I get it! And of course, kids get bored of their toys very easily and bath toys are no different. As they get older,

Sassy Beans

Peekaboo Beans is a local brand of children’s clothes that are designed to be played in, to become your child’s favourite things to wear, and yet be durable enough to pass on, all while being both stylish and safe for the environment as well as our kids. And comfortable! They lack the tags and trapping many other clothes have, meaning no snaps or buttons, making them easy to put on

Get your family game on with Hasbro Gaming + #Giveaway! #BCMOMHGG

When it comes to activities our kids enjoy, family game night is at the top of the list. There’s seriously nothing better than tucking away the electronics and sitting around the table as a family with a board game. There’s sure to be a lot of laughs, it’s great bonding time, and there’s always snacks…total win! It also brings out our competitive sides, which often starts with choosing which game

Clip, Connect and Create with Gemmies + #Giveaway! #BCMOMHGG

Clip, connect and create with Gemmies to make adorable crystal creations in 3D. A new addition to the Tech 4 Kids product line, the Gemmies Design Studio is touted as the ultimate DIY craft kit. Not only can you make sparkling 3D creatures, but once you get the hang of it, you can make flowers, jewelry, masks, accessories, and much more; the only limit is your imagination!


Wonder weeks, sleep regression, teething, and more can all put a rut in your little one sleeping well. Our youngest recently turned one and we hit a major speedbump in how she was sleeping. We needed to find something to help her soothe herself and go to sleep at night. CloudB came to our rescue again with Hugginz Musical Plushie – Bunny and Sweet Dreamz on the Go – Grey Owl.