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My first born is a girl. Those of you who have experience with little girls know that there is NO shortage of adorable outfits and accessories to be had and there are a bazillion different fashionable choices in items from head-to-toe. And we had quite a freaking cute wardrobe, let me tell you! Then, we had a boy. Instantly my fashion choices for my little babe were cut in less

Easy Daysies Alivia Calendar

One of the biggest challenges in our home is our morning routine, Alivia wakes up and starts playing immediately. During the weekend this is fine with us, but during the week we are on a bit more of a tight schedule and need to get out the door just a little bit quicker. I find I am constantly repeating myself with her morning routine – get up and get dressed,

The Can Do Duck Book

​”We say we can. We make a plan. We get right to it. And then we do it!” Sometimes I am so grateful for social media and how it connects people. I just happened to be on twitter one day and must have made a comment about a duck (random, I know), The Can Do Duck re-tweeted it and the rest is history. I popped over to check them out


If you’re a longish time reader of my blog you’ll probably remember my love for KidoodleTV in some previous posts (here & here!). To this day, it is still a favorite app of ours for Alivia, and since discovering them months ago the app has grown by leaps and bounds, adding even more fun favorites! You’re probably asking yourself, what is so great about this app? Why do you love

discovery day

Come and meet one of the Nature Centre’s knowledgeable guides who will get you started with your discoveries in the forest, you’ll have the chance to create an eco-craft, explore with a scavenger hunt and and learn something new with the interactive exploration activities.

Science World Logo

Don’t forget to head down to Science World on September 27 & 28, 2014 to take advantage of the FREE weekend! It can be a bit pricey to take the entire family down to Science World so this is the perfect opportunity to make a day of it and see some of their fantastic new exhibits! Parking is a little bit confusing… if you plan to stay longer then 2