netflix stream team

Be last day of school ready with Netflix! #StreamTeam

Do you hear that? It’s the collective panic of parents all over that are doing the last minute holiday scramble. For many in our area, tomorrow is the last day of school before winter break. No more 9-3 sanity break, being able to do dishes or laundry without littles underfoot, no more being able to sip a cup of coffee in glorious silence. It’s about to turn into a full

All you need is {sibling} love & Beat Bugs! + #Giveaway

Ah, siblings. Some days they love each other… some days well, you’d like to separate them until they remember how much they do love each other! Luckily for Helisa & I, our kids are pretty good at getting along for the most part, and they all happen to be huge music lovers! It’s been a fun summer of introducing the kids to some of our favourites and Beat Bugs has