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Life with picky eaters in tow, how we're challenging it {Review}

When we had Alivia, if you had told me that once we were done changing diapers and spoon feeding, that I would be spending hours at the table trying to get her to eat the simplest of meals I would have laughed. I would have told you that there was no way my child was going to be a picky eater. She was going to eat what was in front of her and

MEND, helping families get fit together +Giveaway! {Sponsored}

Our children have more than ever before. But sometimes, that’s not such a good thing. In a world where there is access to almost anything, technology, screens and foods lacking nutrients, how do we get back to moderation where balanced lifestyles are key? How do we encourage our children to eat and enjoy physical activity for health and wellness?

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St. Patrick’s Day is almost here so what do all of us non-super creative moms out there do? We start hunting around on Pinterest for ways to keep the kids busy. Well this year we have done the work for you. Here’s a roundup of 7 St. Patrick’s Day activities and 7 St. Patrick’s Day treats that you can make with your wee ones that won’t put much of a


(Make sure to read all the way to the bottom for a special offer + #giveaway!) For the past 2 years, nutrition has been an issue for Alivia. Like most parents, I made admirable efforts to provide nutritionally rich foods and snacks, carefully laying out broccoli trees and cutting each food in adorable little shapes in any effort to get her to touch them. Unfortunately, it was a no-go. I