Easy Daysies Alivia Calendar

One of the biggest challenges in our home is our morning routine, Alivia wakes up and starts playing immediately. During the weekend this is fine with us, but during the week we are on a bit more of a tight schedule and need to get out the door just a little bit quicker. I find I am constantly repeating myself with her morning routine – get up and get dressed,

The adventures of Pajama Girl

Introducing Ellie, AKA Pajama Girl in this whimsical tale by Sandra Hagee Parker; The Adventures of Pajama Girl and the Coronation of the Cupcake Queen. If there is ever a welcome gift in our house, it’s always a new book to put onto Alivia’s bookshelf. As mentioned before, we likely have close to 200 books that we cycle through and read with her, some fun ones, some silly jibberish ones,

The Berenstain Bears

I don’t remember a lot of books I read growing up, but a couple of authors definitely stand out in my memory. I knew once I found out I was pregnant that I wanted to fill Alivia’s library with favorites from my childhood and starting hunting. We filled her shelves with Little Critter, Robert Munsch and of course, my personal favorite – The Berenstain Bears’.