SmartSAVER guiding Canadians through RESPs

Every so often, I ask my kids what they would like to be when they grow up. When they were smaller I got answers like a princess, cowboy, or candy tester. Over the years I’ve heard many different answers; veterinarian, teacher or recording artist from my daughter recently, and my son figures a firefighter, race car driver or drummer. You’d almost think I was asking what they wanted to be


This little monkey started preschool this year. In the blink of an eye my tiny 7lbs babe was a preschooler. We went from changing diapers to practicing printing. From nighttime feedings to teaching her to ride a bike. I blinked, and she’s almost grown up! I hate to admit it, but with how quickly time has already flown by, I know that grade school, high school and the inevitable university


Like most parents it seems like there is a never ending supply of questions to go alongside raising our kids Рunfortunately for us, nothing comes with a manual when it comes to our kids so I am always so appreciative of the experts in certain fields that take the time to patiently answer my millions (upon millions) of questions! Just recently I attended a twitter party with @RBC_Canada and had

RESP With RBC Alivia School

I was raised in a home with a single mom, she did absolutely everything she could to provide the necessities, but there wasn’t much left over for anything else. We didn’t have investments, we didn’t have RESP’s or RRSP’s set up, we were happy just to be able to survive on what we had. Recently I talked to my mom about why she never set up an RESP for me