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Italian Day Returns to The Drive! #Events

We live in a very traditional Italian neighborhood in the Heights, with family run businesses that line the streets from bakeries, to delis to restaurants – we’ve fallen in love with the Italian culture and all it has to offer. Italian’s share their love through food and it’s evident in the way they prepare and present their amazing, flavourful family recipes – I’ve been known to negotiate with my neighbor

Love Designs

When Alivia was little, I was the doting mom. I recorded every milestone, every step, tooth and word. I wrote her little love notes in her baby book and took the time to organize, sort and display some of her artwork as she got older. Now that she’s almost 5 and basically never stops moving or talking, I’ve found it a bit more difficult to keep up with everything. I

Spud LetsNotWaste

It’s no surprise that we live in an extremely wasteful society. When we tire of something, it either goes straight into the bin, or “donated” – which usually also ends up in a bin somewhere. We’ve become a take and trash society where no one reduces, reuses or recycles anymore because it’s become “inconvienient”. As a frugal person, I discovered very quickly that it didn’t matter how much I was

Element Botanicals

Most of the men I know keep a pretty simple routine. They use the bare minimum of personal care products, and can be put off by the fragrances of lotions. Or put off by what those other products may contain. These guys can also be, dare I say, difficult to shop for?  Element Botanicals has just the thing for the man in your life with their new Man Up skin

Taylor'd Metals

It’s no secret kids love personalized items. But guess what? Adults do to! And there are so many different ways in which you can personalize and tailor a special gift for that special person, be it a sister, spouse, aunt, best friend … you get the idea. Taylor’d Metals, based in Nanaimo, BC was started because owner/designer Susann Taylor wanted to be a part of that personal connection and create