What Is Your Netflix Binge Routine? #StreamTeam

Just like every person is different, each family is different. Everyone’s routines are different and everyone’s preferences are different. That means battle for screen time can be quite a common problem, not just in my household but, in every household. As a mom I find I have to fight everyone in my home for some binge time and I bet I am not the only one. We spend all day

It's a ZOO in our house.... #StreamTeam

I seriously can’t believe we survived gradual entry Kindergarten, it was getting a bit close at the end – between trying to juggle my work schedule for pickup/drop off, to making lunches, filling out what felt like 3000 forms, back to school shopping, grocery shopping and getting this kid on a good sleep schedule, it was seriously close! Now that we’re finally in to what feels like a semi steady

Celebrate all things Canadian with Netflix! #StreamTeam

Phew, can you believe that it is already July? Hard to believe that summer is already running past us. Can I just pause it for a bit? We were pretty excited to get to spend Canada’s 149th Birthday celebrating as a family, with a fun trip to a local festival and some sweet  treats we really enjoyed embracing all things Canada! We had hoped to make it out to see

StreamTeam Netflix

Admittedly, when Orange Is the New Black came out, I wasn’t on board with giving it much of a chance. I’m not usually a fan of shows that take place only in one spot (Walking Dead Prison season anyone? Ugh). In true Netflix Binger fashion once everyone started talking about how awesome it was I had to give it a shot, and I’m glad I did! 4 seasons in, and

Are you fighting the sibling Netflix battle?  #Streamteam

If you have more than one child, you have likely witnessed many heart melting moments of love and support between siblings. You have also likely played referee more times than you can count, sometimes while you are still trying to bask in the glow of sibling love. Whether it is over who gets the green cup, or a bigger slice of cake, or who gets to stay up later or,

Netflix New Year #NewYearNewView

Holy, guys it’s now 3 weeks into 2016! Where has 1/12 of the year already gone? 2015 flew by in our house in a flurry of preschool, hockey games, birthdays and activities. Christmas and 3 weeks following basically kicked my you know what, I am still recovering over here.