Do you have your Chickadvisor Showcase Tickets?

Ladies, run – don’t walk to grab your tickets to the upcoming Chickadvisor Showcase, returning to Vancouver for one day only this year! We attended the very first Showcase in 2014, when our blog was just a fledgling. We had a lot of fun juggling our phones, hashtags and social media feeds as we tried exciting new products from companies we already knew and loved! When we heard Showcase by

2016 The Fair at the PNE

It’s that time of year again! I have been going to The Fair since I was smaller than Alivia, I have fond memories of riding the motorocyles for hours, being amazed by the superdogs and immersing myself in everything at The Fair – you can probably guess we’re pretty excited for this weekend already, right? We try to make it down to Playland at least twice during the summer and

Honda Celebration of Light

How does hundreds of thousands of people on the beach, in the dark, sound to you? To most of us, it sounds kinda fun! To parents, it’s slightly terrifying. A just turned 5, and we haven’t taken her down to enjoy the Honda Celebration of Light yet because honestly, the thought of losing her in the crowd is enough to throw me into a huge panic. Never mind the finding

I-Exit Vancouver

Puzzle and Escape rooms have become all the craze in Metro Vancouver, and up until recently I had managed to avoid being sucked into this one.. that is until we were invited to check out I-Exit Downtown Vancouver! It was hard to pass up, I have been dying to try them but had been avoiding it due to the incessant need to win. You see, with most challenge rooms only


There’s a hot new trend in entertainment and it’s popping up all over the Metro Vancouver area, heck, all over the world! And, while inspired by and influenced by certain popular computer games, it doesn’t involve a screen. I’m talking, of course, about escape rooms, and several of us #YVRBloggers were eager to see what all of the buzz was about and put ourselves to the test.

Vlimb Base 5 party room

Both of my kids are Christmas babies and it can be challenging to find fun party ideas during the cold weather without repeating the same things over and over again. I can only do so many house/pool/bowling type gatherings with two parties in the same month and anything with a Christmas theme is usually out. We also like to alternate small parties with more elaborate parties and this year was