Wordless Wednesday: Science World, dancing our sillies away

Science World Piano

Sometimes the best memories are those that remind us of our childhood. I remember trips to Science World vividly and my favorite place to dance out the sillies was on the interactive piano. Of course, I remember it being much bigger when I was much smaller… but the memories are there none-the-less, I made sure we spend extra time dancing on the keys, just for mom’s sake. Wordless Wednesday was a bit wordy. I miss being silly.

Science World Piano

Do you have a childhood memory that you try to re-create with your littles?


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  1. Rachel N says:

    Looks like fun. We visited our local science center a few weeks ago only this one is new and way bigger than the one I went to as a kid. I was so impressed. My kids had a blast and learned a lot.

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