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Hand & Footprint Halloween Craft
I am not a Pinterest mom, I’ll admit it! But on rainy days, and in Vancouver there are many, I get inspired by talented and crafty mommas to do something creative with my kids. We don’t have an abundance of craft supplies, but always have the basics like paint and paper. And, with a preschooler at home, there often seems like there are more little hands and feet around than humanly possible. That was perfect for today and our Halloween craft!

Hand & Footprint Halloween CraftHand & Footprint Halloween Craft

I decided to make a mural on some IKEA paper that we have a big roll of. For only $5.99, its a great deal! This way we were able to try several ideas in one spot, and the mural is easily rolled up and stored in an empty paper towel roll after Halloween. Any of these ideas could be done alone or in any combination.

Hand & Footprint Halloween Craft

We had tons of fun painting hands and feet to make different characters. Our footprint scarecrow is guarding our pumpkins made with painted fists! Witches and ghosts can be made out of hand, foot or even thumbprints, while the feet make great bats or Frankenstein monsters. We even made a few fingerprint spiders.

I chose to draw and quickly colour in the background, adding rolling hills, a graveyard and haunted house, but the possibilities are truly endless. Googly eyes added a cute touch, but can be drawn or painted on, or cut out of a magazine.

IMG_6242 IMG_6241 IMG_6238 IMG_6233IMG_6239

I’m so pleased with how our Halloween mural turned out that I’m already planning a Christmas one!

Which print is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Karen Evans says:

    What a fun time, you all must have had. My youngest daughter, gave me a picture in the frame, and on the picture she had each grandchild’s hand prints and footprints on it. Seems you paint the bottom of each foot/hand and then stamp it on a piece of paper. names and dates are also there. Thank You 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Wow, Livvy sure looks like she had a lot of fun! This is such an awesome idea, I might get my son to try this one out next year for Halloween! Might as well get him to make a Christmas one this year too 😛

  3. Laurie P says:

    Those hand/foot print paintings are pretty awesome….the ghosts, bats, pumpkins….waay too cute! I love any and all crafts using the kids hands and feet, still have my boys prints hanging on the wall and he’s 16 now lol.

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