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Theatre under the stars OliverI love live theatre, and live entertainment in general. But there’s something about taking written word and bringing it to life in front of an audience, making the characters so rich and the story so vivid that is a little bit magical. I recently had the thrill of having my first ever Theatre Under the Stars experience with their production of Oliver!, a musical based on the classic story Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, and both my husband and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Theatre patrons are immersed in the tale of Oliver Twist, a young orphan boy in Victorian London, as it is told by ‘his people’, the colourful cast of characters who weave in and out of the fabric of his life as he weaves through the underbelly of London. Oliver makes friends with pick-pockets and more after being tossed out of the workhouse and sold for bravely asking for a second helping of gruel.

Theatre under the stars Oliver
Image Credit: Tim Matheson

With macabre humour, dramatic violence, raucous sing-alongs, energetic choreography and a spirited young cast, this fresh take on a classic tale is a joy to watch. Especially out in the fresh air at the Malkin Bowl in beautiful Stanley Park with the stars and fire flies blinking overhead. The cast is incredibly talented, and that goes extra for newcomer Carly Ronning of Burnaby, who played the title role, Oliver Twist.

Get there when the doors open at 7pm to experience a traditional English village fair before every showing of Oliver! Enjoy live music, a Punch and Judy Show, sing-a-longs, foot-races, a strongman high-striker, dancing, as well as feats of amazement from gymnasts, jugglers, and acrobats. Tickets are still available, so grab yours fast!

Theatre under the stars Oliver
Image Credit: Tim Matheson

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{Disclosure: We were provided with tickets to facilitate our review, all opinions are our own.}


  1. Sounds like a great show, and the traditional English village fair before the start is such a bonus 🙂


  2. My first experience with outdoor theatre in Toronto was TD’s Dream in High Park, wherein they present plays by Shakespeare. It was very popular in the summer. I once watched a 1920s version of Much Ado About Nothing. There’s nothing like going back to the roots as these plays were once done outdoors many centuries ago in the UK. The atmosphere may not be as sophisticated as in an indoor theatre but, being with nature under the stars and moon gives it an atmosphere that cannot be compared to indoor theatre.


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