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Flipp HeaderI blinked and suddenly it was December, all of the sudden it’s a flurry of events, baking, decorating, gift wrapping, gift shopping, more baking, dinner planning, shopping, more wrapping.. the list is endless! I know when my life gets busy, I immediately start reaching for things to make my “to-do” list just a little bit more manageable! Combine this with the fact I’m a little bit on the cheap side, and the very first thing I ended up reaching for is my Flipp app – and I highly recommend adding this to your holiday arsenal, you won’t be disappointed!

Flipp is free app available in the U.S. and Canada, Flipp digitally aggregates more than 800 retail flyers from national chains as well as hundreds of your local stores to help shoppers find the latest sales in their community through coupon matchups to local flyer deals! As much as I used to love sitting on the floor surrounded by flyers, circling and planning out my shops for the next week, the reality now is that I just don’t have the time. When I head to the store for groceries or gifts, I want to know that I am heading to the store that has the lowest price locally to me, without having to physically search through flyers to find it!

Flipp Holiday Screen

So how can Flipp help you save money this holiday season? The better question is how much money can Flipp save you this holiday season. With their innovative way of aggregating your local flyers into one easily accessible app, you have the lowest prices at your fingertips – literally. Search through specific flyers, or by certain products and a quick click adds an item to your shopping list, including the ad! If you’re like me, I prefer to do most of my shopping at one store, I’m not really up for dragging a 4 year old to 5 different stores to finish my shopping; because of this I am easily able to price match at my local stores just by showing my “shopping list” on the app!

You may have a jolly man in a red suit visiting you in the next few weeks, and there’s probably a couple of littles that you have in your life that have put in a specific request for a certain toy they are super excited for Santa to bring, am I right? In our house, a certain little girl has told every person she can that Santa is going to bring her a FurReal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn, this toy retails for about $125, a pretty hefty price tag! I knew how badly she really wanted this toy so I started hunting, my first stop was the Flipp app before I even went out to any stores! I was able to find with one easy search every single store that had Starlily on sale, and the exact price at each store. We ended up scoring her for $94 at Walmart, thanks to Flipp! First toy of the season and I saved 20%, not too shabby…from gifts for mom, dad, the kids and more, Flipp has you covered when it comes to finding the perfect (budget friendly) gift to put under the tree this year.

Flipp Holidays Screen

Flipp won’t just help you save on gifts this holiday season either, with cookie exchanges a-plenty and many holiday dinners to plan and cook, you can take advantage the handy shopping list available within Flipp and plan your shop down to the dollar – perfect for staying within a budget, and pocketing those much deserved savings. I’ve taken advantage of the grocery portion over the past 2 weeks to put aside 2 boxes of food donations for our annual food bank collection at my office, I was able to see what was on sale in advance, add it to my list and pick it up during my regular grocery shop – win!

My biggest tip for anyone looking to save money during the holidays has always been to take advantage of the Flipp app and make it work for you, turn on notifications and be reminded when a sale is ending, and make sure to check out the new Coupon Matchup feature – a seriously killer new addition that matches up printable coupons to flyers. You will never miss a deal again!

As we creep closer and closer to Christmas, take this chance to de-stress, no more running through the malls and grocery stores. Flipp won’t just save you money this holiday season, they’ll help you save some very valuable time. During the holidays the last place I want to spend my evenings is shopping, and thanks to Flipp, I spend most of them at home with my family – exactly where I should be.

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{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for sharing this information with you. As always, I would never share anything with our readers that we didn’t personally love, and we love Flipp! All opinions are our own, and not influenced by the sponsor. Happy Holidays!}

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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    It will help me by finding the best prices on all the groceries I need to pick up to make our favourite holiday treats.

  2. Caroline M. says:

    It will help me save because I don’t receive flyers at home, I will be able to consult them and get the best deals, without driving around or spending a lot of time navigating various websites.

  3. Jennifer P. says:

    It would help me not only save money, but also time!! I love the comparisons so that I can get to the right place quickly! For me, with little ones, the saving of time is almost more important than the money savings, and to be able to combine both time and money savings into one with Flipp is perfect!!

  4. Nate Fuller says:

    Planning out a shopping trip is my weakness I usually just wing it, but with the app I would be more focused and know what I’m looking for and where to get it.

  5. Krista M says:

    With the kids being off school, home for 2.5 weeks over the Christmas holidays, I find I’m spending a ton on groceries every year at this time. Flipp will help me save on many of my food purchases!

  6. Brenda Penton says:

    I have been using flipp for holiday shopping, it has been helping me save by showing me coupons that match sales and I use the discount slider.

  7. Dana Miller says:

    I’ll use the Flipp app and turn on notifications and be reminded when a sale is ending. I’ll make sure to check out the new Coupon Matchup feature. Thanks!

  8. Meg says:

    There is nothing worse than a mall in December! I love the idea of not having to run around in the evenings to get the best deals.

  9. lisa bolduc says:

    i use it daily. for example, i am looking for a toy kitchen for my son i just type in kithcne and it will show me all of the ones on sale

  10. Doris H says:

    Flipp will help me save a lot on groceries this year. I just recently downloaded the App and it is such an awesome money saver!

  11. Suzi says:

    Flipp has already been helping me! I searched to compare when I was buying baking stuff and also searching out toys for my nieces!

  12. Dayle B. says:

    The Flipp app would help me find the best prices on products. A real time saver. Thanks, for the review.
    Did not know about the amazing Flipp.

  13. Bo Simms says:

    Flipp App will help me save this Christmas being able to browse flyers for sales, and make a Xmas shopping list of these great deals.

  14. AD says:

    I will use the Flipp App to price match on my groceries; I have 27 people coming for the big Christmas dinner and feeding this many gets EXPENSIVE!

  15. Natasha Severson says:

    it will help me get gifts for my boyfriend and mom. I have not gotten anything for them yet and i was pretty sure i would not be able to

  16. jessica s says:

    I love being able to quickly find where to get the best price for something I’m looking for! Lots of ways to save money with this app!

  17. Mandala says:

    I like that I can be reminded when sales are about to end. The new Coupon Matchup feature will also be handy and will make grocery shopping during the holidays more budget-friendly.

  18. Bridgette T says:

    Being able to find deals and coupons easily for almost anything I search for allows me to be able to spend less this holiday! Why not if I’m already planning on purchasing gifts 🙂 Saving money makes me happy.

  19. dawn gordon says:

    wow..flipp can also save you money on gas or busing it out to a store because you will know before hand if that store is lower then the other one..

    i will be downloading this application and using it..good post…

  20. Sandy says:

    I am just about done my holiday shopping but Flipp will help me out a lot if I decide to do boxing day shopping after Christmas. I like that I can type in the name of something I am looking for and it comes up with the prices in different flyers, so I don’t have to go collect all the different flyers and search through them. Of course, I could do a google search instead, but the Flipp app is convenient because I can do it right from my phone and it is a lot faster than doing a Google search to compare prices.

  21. Liberty says:

    It gives you the opportunity to not only browse through many flyers but to purchase items on sale in advance. In the long term I can save.

  22. Michele Cupp says:

    I spend either spend a lot of time trying to find all of the flyers or I get frustrated, skip that, and spend too much. This will help a lot by saving me that time and those frustrations.

  23. Anita E says:

    Anything that can save me time, like having all the sale info consolidated, will definitely help me with my spending over the holidays.

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