Trick or Treat Safety Tips for Preschoolers

trick or treat safety tips for preschoolersOn average, kids are more likely to be struck by a car on Halloween night, that is a pretty scary thought! It’s not hard to see how a terrible accident like this could happen, kids are out in floods, eager to fill their trick or treating bags to the brim with delicious goodies. In all their excitement there are ways to help keep Halloween fun for everyone, kids and drivers alike; here’s our trick or treat safety tips for preschoolers

  • Stay well lit, reflective tape applied to coats, costumes, bags or shoes will help drivers see your little ghoul easier. There is also reflective ribbon you can tie to clothes, hats or bags. Have a flashlight on hand and it never hurts to work some fun glow sticks into your costume.
  • Avoid masks when possible as they can obstruct ghosts vision, instead opt to use non-toxic face paints.
  • Make sure costumes are the correct size or hemmed accordingly to avoid trips and falls while running to the next treat.
  • Stick to areas you know and make it fun, include the neighborhood kids and travel in a group, the more eyes on the littles the better!
  • Keep a small stash of safe treats in your pocket if you have a witch who can’t wait for a snack, always toss out handmade foods/treats and check store bought treats for tampering before letting the kids dive in.
  • Some kids love to be spooked, while for others it can ruin the night. Avoid houses that may be a bit too much for preschoolers, speaking from experience it’s no fun to calm a screaming child down for a solid block.
  • Source our your local neighborhood activities. Ours specifically in North Burnaby has an event every year where business on our main strip hand out candy to the kids, it’s daylight, safe and the kids leave with a bagful of goodies. This is an especially great option for preschoolers.
  • We recommend checking out the Mall Trick or Treat Roundup for a safe, dry, fun trick or treating experience!

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We’re especially excited this year for our first real Trick or Treating experience with Alivia and can’t wait to start our traditions! What is your top trick or treat safety tips for preschoolers?

Do you have Halloween night ideas we could incorporate? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Karen Evans says:

    I wish they would move the hours that children go trick or treating. I am thinking 4pm – 6pm, when there is enough light to see everything. There were children, running about at 8pm in my area. Too dark. (Also check the candy)

  2. Laurie P says:

    This year will be my girl’s first year of understanding what exactly Halloween is all about. Last year was pretty low key….she was still a little too young and sick as a dog so we stayed in, but this year all bets are off.
    The “Keep a small stash of safe treats in your pocket if you have a witch who can’t wait for a snack”…….THAT will be us totally. I’m ready for it!

  3. Rachel N says:

    I made the mistake of the costume being too long this year. My girl was tripping over it and couldn’t go up stairs. Learned my lesson for next year.

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