Go on a Wild Adventure with…Wild Kratts Live! +Ticket #Giveaway!


Since before I had my own children, Chris and Martin Kratt have been bringing creatures big and small into our livingrooms with their comedic edutainment shows like Zoboomafoo and Wild Kratts. With facts about animals and their habitats, great nature footage and in studio animal guests combined with the brothers’ slapstick comedy and comedic devices, kids were not only entertained, but inspired to learn more about creatures and their features. It also didn’t hurt that these nature loving brothers were easy on the eyes for us stay-at-home-moms, and the content reaches a large demograpic – both my kids, now 4 and 10, grew up watching and learning about the animal kingdom with the Kratts, and are still fans. Now, these multiple award winning brothers have taken their show and their animal antics on the road, and they are stopping here! In Vancouver!

This September 19th, be sure to gear up and head to Doug Mitchell Arena, Vancouver, BC for an incredible adventure with one of two exciting shows, where you will have so much fun, you’ll hardly know you’re learning!


WILD KRATTS – LIVE! is based on the TV series and features the real life Kratt Brothers on a quest. WILD KRATTS features adventuring duo Martin and Chris Kratt as they leap into animated action and go on hilarious expeditions with wild animals. The show encourages kids to explore the world around them and develop problem-solving skills. Experience, live-on-stage, the astounding “creature” fundamentals and the infectious excitement and inspiring quest of the real life Kratt Brothers that make WILD KRATTS so popular with kids and their families.

Event Details

When: Saturday, September 19, 2015
Time: 10:30 am and 2 pm
Where: Doug Mitchell Arena, 6066 Thunderbird Blvd. Vancouver BC
Tickets: www.ticketmaster.ca

Ticket prices range from $52.85-$69.50 for standard tickets, and any child over the age of 1 does require a purchased ticket. Have your kids always wanted to meet the Kratt brothers? Have a question you’re just dying to ask? Meet & Greet tickets with floor seating are $119.10.

Kratts live

We are so excited to be able to hang out with Chris and Martin, and even more excited to send one of you to the show too! We have been generously given a family pack of four tickets to give away to a lucky reader. Enter below!

Contest Details

One lucky reader is going to win a family pack of 4 tickets to the September 19th Wild Kratts Show! Winner will have the choice of 10:00am or 2:00pm show. Contest closes at 12:00pm on September 13th. Winner will have 24 hours to reply to our email to claim their prize or a new winner will be drawn.

Enter now!

Make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. You can tweet once a day!

Good luck!

{Disclosure: We were provided with tickets in exchange for promotion of this event}

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  1. danielle says:

    One night in the backyard, I heard some weird sounds. I joked about it being the zombie apocalypse and my husband rolled his eyes at me. Once he saw the raccoon come out of the bush however, he was across the yard and into the house like nobody’s business!

  2. shannon grochowski says:

    We actually had a recent “wild” creature encounter in Oregon. Just as we arrived at our campsite a doe came wandering in. For the next week she would come and we would feed her leaves from the near by tree that she couldn’t reach. Our 5 year old daughter even got to feed her. It was an awesome experience!

  3. Mary Warner says:

    2 years ago at noon on a bright sunny Sunday in October with lots of people out walking I opened the back door to find a yearling bear walking happily across our back lawn. I YELLED and it ran away.

  4. sev says:

    The black bear who wandered into our yard, last week. I quietly, called t o my 6 year old and we watched as she sniffed our sunflowers and my daughter’s trampoline – luckily it had a net on it or think the bear might have wanted to take a turn jumping on the trampoline.

  5. Theresa Cledomin says:

    We were at my aunt’s house for a family reunion and got to watch a family of deer wander into her property… my boys thought it was so cool that she had deer visiting her 🙂

  6. Aimee dyck says:

    It’s not very exciting but at our old yearly campsite we saw a momma deer with her two baby deer up close. It was so beautiful to see them in their habitat. We also saw a big old bull that was almost the size of our suv blocking the road in front of us. I was scared it was going to ram our car!

  7. Melissa holloway says:

    My boys and I tried to rescue an iguana that was stuck in a fence! They have long claws for climbing so we ended up asking a professional for help. The iguana was freed and went straight up a tree for safety

  8. M Holloway says:

    I tried to rescue a pelican recently. I thought it was eating a balloon so I scared the pelican away an went to grab the white balloon out of the water. I screamed when I touched it because it was hard and slimy- not a balloon but a pufferfish! I felt bad for the pelican after that cuz I stole his lunch 🙂

  9. Lacey Bashir says:

    Well I’m a vet tech and I do exotics/zoo/wildlife animals. I’ve worked with elk, wallabies, bears, owls, eagles, caracals, servals, tigers, zebras, lemurs, etc. I also spent a year living in Africa working with vervet monkeys. I want my kids to have the same love of animals!

  10. Katie says:

    When I was a kid I was walking through some trees on the farm and a wild turkey ran out of the bushes and chased me! I was terrified. I figure it must have had a nest close by.

  11. Marsalie says:

    Liked Wild Kratts and BCMom Facebook pages. My kids love watching this show! I don’t have a fun wild creature story, but we all love watching them from afar.

  12. Kristina R says:

    In the spring we went hiking and sat to have lunch on the mountain. 5 deer suddenly came out of the Bush. They stared at us a bit and then we watched them climb a rather steep hill. One was pregnant and moved a bit slower. They were all so beautiful and moved with such grace

  13. Lam Tang says:

    We saw bighorn sheep on the road in Banff, then every day during our stay in Radium. Our 4yo daughter and 2yo son will now cheer for “BigHorn Sheep! BigHorn Sheep!”.

  14. dawn s says:

    I have liked both facebook pages and tweeted.
    We have had MANY ‘Wild’ encounters as both of my daughters are some of the biggest animals lovers I have ever met. Recently we had a praying Mantis hanging out on our screen door which our girls found so fasinating.

  15. Hazel says:

    This past summer, while we were experiencing a drought in Vancouver, a family of raccoons decided to take a dip in our kids’ wading pool. When they were cool & refreshed, they left their calling card by battling with, and lacerating, every toy and ball that was in the back yard. Oh well. Great story to tell.

  16. Tenzin says:

    I liked both facebook pages and shared. A big black raven came in front of our window early in the morning and kept cawing so loudly. We thought that was so weird and did not like being woken up! In the afternoon, we were crossing the street on our bikes at a busy turnabout at UBC, and we rolled a little too far forward. A car was coming right at us! Fortunately, they stopped on time without much trouble, and when we crossed to the other side, the big black raven was standing on the sidewalk, hopping up and down and nodding at us.

  17. Jamie-Lynn says:

    We heard some noise outside one night and opened the door to come face to face with a curious skunk. Thankfully we didn’t startle him enough to spray us.

  18. Michelle says:

    Whenever we take walks through the local bird sanctuary,we come across garter snakes, deer and many birds of course. So wonderful for the kids to see.

  19. Kara Scobbie says:

    On our summer vacation this year at Hornby Is. There was a pod of Humpback whales out front of our cabin. One morning at around 9am we watched them breaching, completely amazing….and through out the week we knew they were there just by the sounds of them surfacing for air or slapping on the water. Magic!

  20. Tonya says:

    Would love to take my kids to see the Wild Kratts live. My kids love watching and learning from the show on PBS. Kids get interested in learning about animals and nature. When we go on nature hikes , they love to explore and find animals.

  21. Dana Miller says:

    Our neighbours discovered an injured squirrel outside our complex. My daughter insisted we attend to it as it had been left for several hours with no help. It was in shock so we wrapped in a warm towel and put it in a cozy box. We took it to the local Wildlife rescue centre and made a donation to help cover medicine and care.

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